Українська Православна Катедра св. Володимира
St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral
The Life-Cycle of Ethnic Churches in Sociological Perspective - concerns the Japanese in Canada in the late 1980’s. The same situation was already showing up in UOCC then and the passing of time has not made the issue go away.
Facts of Growth - covers the 2005 American Church experience about why many congregations do well and thrive but others find growth elusive.
St Herman of Alaska and the Kyivan Missionary Vision
Alaska was the final frontier of the vast expanse of the Tsarist Russian Empire. Like Siberia, it was a place to which Kyivan missionaries were sent to introduce Orthodoxy and Christianize the native peoples....
Metropolitan Ilarion THE UKRAINIAN CHURCH
Outlines Of History Of The Ukrainian Orthodox Church - 1986
Chapter 12 Тhе Russification of the Ukrainian Church - Тhе Levelling Роlitics of the Muscovite Church. 
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The Road to Eucharistic Union and the Status of the UOCC within the Ecumenical Patriarchate. 

Commission to Study the Status of the UOC of Canada within the Ecumenical Patriarchate.  Translated by Morris Diakowsky.
At the 2000 Sobor a motion was passed from the floor (#6) asking that a Committee be set up to review the developments in the Orthodox World since 1990 and how they impacted on UOCC. This is the report of the Committee.

Documents for review & discussion

Articles providing an informative picture of the current state of Orthodoxy in Ukraine from different perspectives.
1. Attempts to Promote Moscow Origin behind Baptism of Kyivan Rus`
2. The Kremlin has tired of building an "Orthodox Civilisation"
3. Outside Point of View: Ukraine’s Religious System Resembles America’s One
4. New Challenges in Orthodoxy in Ukraine - Will There Be New Responses?
5. The Kyiv Patriarchate is Ready to Abandon Its Patriarch for the Sake of Unification with the UOC? Report from the Church Council
6. The Kyiv Patriarchate Elects New Management and Calls on UOC (MP) to Resume the Preparations to Dialogue
7. Summary of UOC KP Local Council: Translation of Documents from Diplomatic to Understandable Language
8. An open letter issued by the UOC KP Sobor to HAH and other Primates.