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St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral

The original idea of The Order of St. Andrew started back in 1951, when Nicholas Zalozetsky, a Director of St. Andrew’s College, felt the need for recognition of Members of the Laity of our Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, based on religion, dedication, generosity, brotherhood and fraternity as incorporated in our Oath, swearing support and defense of our Holy Church.

On presentation for Blessing by our Metropolitan Ilarion, who had just clearly set out the ranks of recognition of the Clergy, immediately Blessed the concept of the Order with his words, “…and I will be your first Member”.The Metropolitan placed the Order under the patronage of the Metropolitan and the whole Episcopate of the UOCC who would now automatically become Honourary Members of the Order.

Father Semen Sawchuk organized a group of 23 Founding Members and in October of 1965, set out the Ceremony, By-laws, the Emblems, the Holy Bible, and the Cross of St. Andrew with the Ribbon.

Our Toronto Chapter at the Cathedral, was one of the first Chapters organized in 1965 by Dr. Paul Kit, with 16 original Members.Dr. Roman Sluzar is the only original Member remaining from the initial Members.Michael Shipowick and William Sametz have been Members of the Order since 1970.

The role of the Knights of the Order of St. Andrew follow six commandments:

Belief in God as Christian Members of the UOCC.

Love of our people, and proud of who we are.

Fidelity to the Church of our ancestors, as founded by St. Andrew, the Apostle.

Preservation of the family as our fortress and cherishing that which is ours.

Canada, as our homeland and land of freedom and democracy that gives us the free choice to live and worship.

The Order which has been set up to help preserve our identity as Apostles of our Ukrainian Family, as Missionaries of our Ukrainian Ideals and our Church and as Disciples of our Orthodox Faith.

We participate in all Church Sacraments, Ceremonies, Memorial Services, Funerals, Jubilees, Holy Days, Convocations, Festivals, and as Honour Guard of our Bishop.

For the past few years we had amalgamated with our Long Branch Chapter, but in October 2005, Walter Chewchuk, President of St. Volodymyr Cathedral and William Sametz, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, submitted 43 worthy candidates for approval to the Supreme Command in Winnipeg, in order to reorganize the Toronto Chapter.  Currently, we have 39 Members who are Knights of The Order of St. Andrew, Toronto Chapter.

Pobratym, William Sametz
Past President, Toronto, Chapter
If you are interested in joining the Order of St. Andrew, please submit a completed Membership application form.  To read or download the form, please click here
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The Order of St. Andrew, Toronto Chapter
Орден св. Андрія - відділ Торонто
2014 Executive

President-    Walter Chewchuk            
Vice-president - Dennis Hunt
Secretary-    Wasyl Sydorenko
Treasurer -  Nick Mishchenko